A chat with Don at Migliore Luxury Car Care

Good morning! My name is Don, Founder of the international company Migliore Luxury Car Care. I am here to entertain any questions you may have regarding our line. I look forward to your questions and comments!

Hi Don! Hopefully people will join in. So one of my questions is the best application of Migliore waxes? I've had good success with them.

Sure, not a problem Dave. Migliore can be applied in the sun or shade. Application itself is a breeze, I receive the most question regarding removal. The Migliore waxes are not hard to remove if applied correctly in very thin layers. Most may think it is difficult as it's different from the norm, which it certainly is. I like to apply the wax via a foam applicator and let the product sit for 20 minutes while I touch up other area of the vehicle. Upon removal, rotate your microfiber every 3x3 ft square. This will prevent wax from building up and essentially pushing the wax around the paint. Next, if you find have applied too much wax, you can mist with our Endurance Spray QD to remove any excess.

I've removed original blend after a minute and also after roughly 30 minutes with no issues. The look of original blend is very unique. Does endurance spray have any protective abilities?

Thanks, Dave. Endurance Spray does not have any serious protective ability. Endurance Spray is generally used for rejuvenation of a recently washed auto and adding a little extra pop.

It works very well over all carnaubas in my experience. Should I have seen a decrease in durability when I removed the Original Blend after just one minute? I actually applied a second coat a week later so I never noticed. Durability was good at 2 months in high heat conditions which wreaks havic on wax durability.

No, you should not have seen a decrease in durability. The waxes technically never haze, so it's a matter of personal preference. We have seen and have had customers report 3, to 3+ months worth of durability. This is quite incredible, as you know, for a carnauba. I attest this to the very unique formula. After your first use, you'll realize there is nothing else like Migliore on the market today.

When I removed it after one minute and 30 minutes it removed just the same and easy too. What is the major differences between your waxes? They all seem to offer something different.

Original and Frutta offer around 32% carnauba and are considered our entry level product. Migliore was founded with just one product, our Original blend, which has snowballed into what you see today. Primo and Competizione have approximately 46% and 48% carnauba respectively. At this level you the difference in carnauba will not make much of a difference. The difference comes in the complete blend and oils used.

That's a pretty high carnauba content! I haven't tried Primo or Competizione......yet. I remember an email regarding new products, what are they? I think I remember an APC and a few other things.

We have three new products: Naturale Shampoo, Citro Shampoo, and Forza Clean. These are two shampoos and an APC respectively.

Two shampoos! Does one contain wax or a protective agent?

Naturale Shampoo is all natural as its name implies. I love this shampoo, it's incredibly sudsy and offers a great barrier between the paint when washing. Citro is a strip wash, it's very low viscosity and made for foaming.

Sounds like you have the shampoos covered, it's good to have multiple shampoos for different tasks. I remember you telling me that each product is hand poured. To me that means very good quality control and that you ensure every bottle sent out is as it should be.

 Yes, I agree. Our strategy has always been to always be small enough to have a one on one relationship with our customers. We do not desire to be in any big box or department stores.

Migliore seems to have really taken off across the pond, what are some of your future plans with the company and new products?

Yes, definitely. Migliore's main market is in Europe. Over the last year sales have skyrocketed overseas. In the next 6 months we plan on offering a new pre-wax cleaner and an ultra luxury numbered wax.

WOW! Im looking forward to the new wax for sure. A pre wax cleaner would be excellent as well. Have you ever entertained the idea of offering polishes?

We have thought about it, but decided not to go down that path. There are already so many great polishes on the market.

Yes and it seems as though you are making your mark in the LSP market. Thanks for stopping by Don! I appreciate it!!!

Thank you! Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

New Ultima Waterless Wash Plus

Today was the official launch day of the new Waterless Wash Plus by Ultima Finish Care! I don't know about you but I have been anxiously awaiting this new product based on reviews I have been reading. Not only can it be used as a waterless wash, but also a rinseless! The best part is that it also comes in concentrate form so a little goes a long way. It's polycharged and in concentrate form just one ounce makes 3 gallons of rinseless wash. That's an insane amount of washing with one bottle! Ours will be in soon. 

Here is an article by Lynn Mathews..... 

In our busy lives it is hard enough to find the time to wash your car and with water restrictions and concerns for the environment it is even more difficult. Ultima Finish Care has the answer and is proud to announce the launch of the NEW Echo Friendly Ultima Waterless Wash Plus+ and Ultima Waterless Wash Plus+ Concentrate, both Boosted by Polycharger™!

The Ultima Waterless Wash Plus+ Boosted by Polycharger™ is a safe and effective solution to the concerns of water shortages, environmental issues, and car washing location restrictions. The special high lubricity of Ultima Waterless Wash Plus+ encapsulate dirt and grime so that it is safely and easily wiped away without the fear of scratching. Simply Spray, Wipe, and Walk Away. It’s that easy, no hoses, no mess and this process not only cleans, it actually protects, enhances paint clarity, slickness and gloss.

Ultima Waterless Wash Plus+ is a pre mixed version that is ready to Spray, Wipe, and Walk Away. The Ultima Waterless Wash Plus+ Concentrate is a hyper-concentrate that can be used to make the Ultima Waterless Wash Plus+ spray wash formula or as a no rinse car wash solution in a bucket. Either way, Ultima Waterless Wash Plus+ will not only meet your expectations, it will exceed them in cleaning ability slickness, protection and gloss enhancement!

Ultima Waterless Wash Plus+ QUICKLY and SAFELY cleans painted surfaces, chrome, plastic, glass and wheels without the use of water. No hoses! No rinsing! No drying! This Boosted by Polycharger™ formula not only cleans your vehicle’s surfaces, it helps protect from the harsh elements and harmful UV rays.

Ultima Waterless Wash Plus+ Spray, Wipe Walk Away Car Wash Instructions:

Always work in a shaded area on a surface that is cool to the touch. Make sure surface is not gritty with dirt or sand to avoid scratching.

  • Ultima Waterless Wash Plus+ Concentrate is easy to mix, simply open the flip-top cap and squeeze container until holding chamber reaches ½ fluid ounce line.

  • Pour contents into Ultima Waterless Wash Plus+ mixing spray bottle. Fill mixing bottle with water and shake well.


Ultima Waterless Wash Plus+ is ready to use and no mixing is required.

  • Starting on the upper surfaces first, mist the surface to be cleaned.
  • Fold a clean, dry Ultima AutoSpa Microfiber Buffing Towel into quarters and gently wipe using a back and forth motion. 

  • As the Ultima AutoSpa Microfiber Buffing Towel becomes saturated or dirty fold to a clean dry side and replace with a fresh towel as needed. 

NOTE: Ultima Waterless Wash Plus+ also works great as a detail clay lubricant and a quick detail spray!

Ultima Waterless Wash Plus+ Concentrate No Rinse Car Wash Instructions:

Always work in a shaded area on a surface that is cool to the touch. Make sure surface is not gritty with dirt or sand to avoid scratching.

  • Ultima Waterless Wash Plus+ Concentrate is easy to mix, simply open the flip-top cap and squeeze container until holding chamber reaches 1 fluid ounce line.
  • Pour contents into a bucket with three gallons of water.

  • Fold an Ultima AutoSpa Microfiber Buffing Towel into quarters and allow to soak for a few minutes in the bucket of wash solution.
  • Very gently squeeze excess wash solution from the Ultima AutoSpa Microfiber Buffing Towel.

  • Starting on upper surfaces first, gently wipe soaked Ultima AutoSpa Microfiber Buffing Towel in a back and forth motion over a small section (24” by 24”) at a time.
  • Using second clean, Ultima AutoSpa Microfiber Buffing Towel, wipe the area until dry.

  • Repeat process over next area and replace your Ultima AutoSpa Microfiber Buffing Towel as needed.

I hope this article has shown you that Ultima Waterless Wash Plus+ makes the process washing your car quicker, easier, less messy and more echo friendly! You also get the added benefits of the Boosted by Polycharger™ protection, slickness as well as gloss enhancement.

Click here to read a beta tester review!

Wet Glaze 2.0 Pictures

A few pictures of Wet Glaze 2.0 sent to us by Rick Arnett Vice President of Avid Golfer Magazine.

Amazing Depth!

Super Wet Looking!

Wet Glaze 2.0  and the new Jaguar XJL reviewed by Rick Arnett