Foam Buffing Pad Colors

With all the pads on the market today it's easy to get confused as to what pad is what and the aggressiveness level of each pad. They all vary by color, pad design, and level of aggressiveness but it's easy to assume that every color is the same throughout the different manufactures. Although they all might look the same there are differences so hopefully I can help you by knowing what to look for when choosing your buffing pads.

Do not pay attention to the color but do pay attention to the aggressiveness level of the pad.

The Most Common Aggressiveness Levels

  • Heavy Cutting Pad
  • Light Cutting Pad
  • Polishing Pad
  • Finessing/Finishing Pad
  • Ultra Soft Waxing Pad

There are other levels in between such as Heavy Polishing, Soft Polishing, and other variables such as Euro Foam and PPI Rating but the list above describes the most common pads to keep it simple. Some other variables are the face design and size of the foam pad, this is where you will have to find what works best for you.

Wool Pads also vary in aggressiveness and size so like foam pads choosing by aggressiveness is key. Keep in mind that some wool pads are actually a blend and can be found in "twisted" or "untwisted" wool as well as a mix of both.

Here are the most common wool pads

  • Heavy Cutting Wool Pad

  • Light Cutting Wool Pad

  • Polishing Wool Pad

Hopefully this helps you in your pad selection so you end up with the pads you want instead of being disappointed to find that you bought a different pad than what you thought it was.


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