The Overwhelmed Newbie

So you just bought a new new ride and want to make it shine, or maybe you have just been bitten by the detailing bug. You get on the computer and do a quick search for detailing supplies which leads you to a plethora of online retailers and detailing forums, that's where it begins.......
It is easy to get caught up in all the hype and marketing these days which often times leaves the newbie with more questions then answers so joining a detailing forum is usually the first thing most newbies do so they can ask questions and get user reviews on detailing supplies. Online forums can be a wealth of information and a place where you can find other newbies, weekend warriors, and even top notch professionals who post the details they do and even techniques.
Common Forum Frustrations
One of the biggest things that frustrates newbies the most when they see spectacular results from a pro detail, go out and buy the products that pro used, and get different results. Remember, these guys do this everyday so don't slam your head in the door on the first try. Learn from your mistakes and realize that there are many different reasons for the products and techniques used depending on the task at hand. Most pros have special techniques that they use and sharing all of them isn't the best business practice.
Don't be afraid to use the forum search function and also ask questions, while there is a lot of good info saved in forums sometimes you may have a question that is unique to your specific vehicle or concern. Sure you might get flamed for asking sometimes but hey, you will never know if you don't ask right?
Be aware that there is a thing called "The Flavor Of The Month" where a product or similar will be hailed as the best thing since sliced bread only to be forgotten by the next flavor of the month. Try not to get caught up in hype but do pay attention to consistency in use from a wide variety of people. Good products that stand the test of time will often be easy to spot because they will be talked about and used without the hype.
Product reviews can be helpful especially when done by a unbiased reviewer simply documenting their findings based out of curiosity. Also learn more about the vehicle you are working on, know what to expect from your car by learning things like the harness or softness of your paint, is it clear coat or single stage paint? This really helps when making a plan of attack for that anticipated detailing day.
Purchasing Online
Be an informed consumer, now that you have done a ton of reading and asking questions it's time to pull the trigger on the goodies! Now that you have done some homework you are getting into the realm of the informed consumer but still might have questions so naturally you want to ask your potential retailer. If you have any doubts about the products in your cart or would simply like an explanation as to how a product works always email or call. You don't want to spend your hard earned cash on something you are not sure of.
There are a ton of retailers out there and they are all fighting to earn your business so don't waste time on a company who is unwilling to return an email or say "read the product description" for details. All retailers are not created equal! Before opening my own online store I ordered from many different retailers with varying experiences.
There are so many products out there it will make your head spin! Pay attention, know that a good All Purpose Cleaner will do the job of 5 different products alone saving you money in the long run, you can always try the "specific" products later. An honest retailer will tell you this instead of selling you a case of head rest cleaner (if there is such a thing lol).
You Are On Your Way.......
Hopefully you now have a plan of attack since getting bit by the detailing bug and can go out there and hold your own in the wide world of detailing. Remember, you don't have to turn out a pro detail the first time around, be patient and educate yourself because in the long run it will only save you time and money.
I hope you find this info helpful on your quest for bling!


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